Crocodiles Park
Crocodiles Park

There is nothing like a theme park for the little ones to enjoy the vacations, but if the park is also inhabited by wild animals that fascinate them, the success is guaranteed. This week, from Costa del Sol Torremolinos Hotel, we bring you the perfect plan for your next family getaway: the Crocodiles Park.

Besides being the best plan to visit Torremolinos with children, the Cocodrilos Park is a very different activity that will allow you to get out of the routine very easily.

Located in Torremolinos, the Cocodrilos Park is an adventure for the whole family. In the Crocodile Park you can learn first hand all the curiosities surrounding crocodiles, one of the most fascinating and unknown animals that exist. If creatures of more than 200 million years of evolution could talk, they could tell us what it was like to live among dinosaurs; but we will have to be content with listening to the stories that their keepers will tell us.

In the Crocodile Park you will be able to see crocodiles from different species of the world: the Nile Crocodile, the Spectacled Caiman, the Cuban Crocodile and the American Alligator. Encourage the little ones to discover Paco, one of the largest crocodiles in Europe.

At the Crocodile Park you can enjoy exhibits and guided tours throughout the year, where our brave keepers will show you these spectacular creatures and many more. Crocodiles are not the only inhabitants you can meet at the Crocodile Park, you will also find the Yemen Chameleon, the Bearded Dragon, the Marginata Turtles and the Sulcata Turtles.

Discover one of the best crocodile parks in Spain by staying at the Costa del Sol Torremolinos Hotel, a five minute drive or half hour walk from the Crocodile Park. Enjoy a stay in a luxury boutique hotel in Torremolinos, where a team of professionals will provide you with the best service to make you feel at home.

The location of the Costa del Sol Torremolinos Hotell is not only ideal for visiting the Cocodrilos Park, it is also perfect for relaxing on its best beaches, practicing water sports, hiking or adventure activities in its surroundings or visiting all the cultural heritage hidden in the city.

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